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We provide consultation services to individuals as well as businesses. Once you have opted for our services, you can expect absolute peace of mind. W2 Experts offers you practical solutions to minimize your taxes. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest tax laws to provide you with expert tax return preparation. Our staff is trained to accommodate the individual needs of our wide client base.

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The Turbo Tax Question: Can You Save Me Money?

People have no idea of the many legal deductions available to them. They prepare a return quickly, with no education or skill, and send it in to the government. They pay much more tax than they are legally required to pay.

Tax returns prepared, at a reasonable cost, in a tax efficient manner, taking advantage of all the opportunities the law allows, to minimize their tax. So far, We can tell you, every single time this scenario has unfolded, We have prepared a proper and advantageous tax return, delivering to our clients larger refunds by at least $1,000, and usually more. That inexpensive computer program cannot replace skill and knowledge. Clients benefit from our education, knowledge and experience. They are consistently satisfied, and return the next year. We have never had a client lose money because of a tax audit. With a tax system as complex as this, there are various alternative strategies available to minimize taxes

What Happens if a Return is Audited by the IRS?

If it is necessary, we can successfully defend these tax returns before the IRS with no problem, because they were prepared correctly, in accordance with current tax law. With the ever-changing complexity of business taxes today, self-preparation using an inexpensive program could be a serious and expensive mistake.